About FUTY Festival [foo-tee fes-tuh-vuh l]

FUTY (From Us To You) Festival 

FUTY Festival is a free annual volunteer appreciation party hosted by Mud Bay to celebrate and thank the animal welfare volunteers of the Pacific Northwest. 

In addition to the celebration party, each organization is invited to nominate one volunteer for the FUTY Festival Volunteer Award of Excellence.  Nominee profiles are posted on our website for an online vote. All nominees will be recognized at FUTY Festival and the three nominees with the most votes will receive $1000.00 cash prize and the nominating shelter will receive a $1000.00 donation from Mud Bay. 

2017 Portland nominees:
Jennifer Adams - Fences For Fido
Shelly Cohen - Wildwood Farm Sanctuary
Les Colvin - Wigglin' Home Boxer Rescue
Sarah Hollander - Felines First Rescue

Alana Hughes - Pacific Pug Rescue
Susan Immer & Larry Juday  - Humane Society for SW Washington

Spencer Jubb - Deaf Dogs of Oregon
Mary Marvin - Rabbit Advocates
Patsy Nolte - Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon

Susan Payne - Puplandia Dog Rescue
Lowry Stephenson - Cat Adoption Team
Etta Wilkins-Foster - Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

2017 Seattle winners:
John Bartlett - Purrfect Pals
Jodi Gaylord - PAWS
Karen Knight - Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation

2016 Seattle winners:
Francis Herring - Seattle Area Feline
Sue Masser - Purrfect Pals
Stephanie Swenson - Northwest Boxer Rescue

2015 Seattle winners:
Carolyn Brookhart - Homeward Pet
Linda Geis - Seattle Humane
Mary Pearson - Seattle Animal Shelter
Angela Rittinger - Kindred Souls Foundation

For more information regarding FUTY Festival or the Volunteer Award of Excellence please contact Lani Benavente at futyfestival@mudbay.com.

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