How We Do Business

A lot has changed in the years since Elsa Wulff bought a tiny farm store on Mud Bay Road in 1988.

We’ve evolved from selling pig feed and alfalfa hay to providing healthy foods and well-made supplies for dogs and cats. We’ve expanded our selection of natural dog and cat foods and become better at helping owners choose the ones that make sense for their animals.

As we’ve become more able to contribute to the health of dogs and cats, we’ve opened stores in other neighborhoods. Along the way, Mud Bay has become the largest retailer in the Pacific Northwest focused on healthy, natural foods for dogs and cats. As we’ve figured out what matters most about Mud Bay, we’ve boiled down our approach to doing business to six essentials:

  • Healthy Foods. We research and keep in stock more than 650 healthy foods and thousands of well-made supplies for dogs and cats.
  • Happy Stores. Mud Bay stores are clean, interesting and happy places for customers and staff to shop, work and talk with each other.
  • Helping People Care for Dogs and Cats. We’ll do anything reasonable to help the dogs, cats and owners who visit our stores.
  • Knowledgeable Staff. We’re constantly expanding our knowledge of dogs and cats. We share information with customers, and we learn from them.
  • Fair Prices. We put a fair price on everything we carry 361 days a year. We’re closed the other four.
  • Guaranteed. If a cat, a dog or its owner isn’t satisfied with something we’ve sold, we’ll buy it back.