How to Choose a Healthy Dog Food

Dogs are omnivorous carnivores. Dogs are members of the order Carnivora, but that doesn’t make them strict carnivores, like cats. Current research indicates that dogs can eat a wide variety of foods, both animal and vegetable, and still be healthy. But dogs still have a fairly high need for protein.

Look for high-quality proteins. Proteins can come from both plant and animal sources. Raw chicken meat is about 20% protein, while a raw grain, like corn, is only 3% protein. So, when an ingredient like ground yellow corn is listed first on the label, it isn’t really a protein source. Chicken meal, essentially chicken meat with most of the water removed, is about 60% protein, and can be a good dietary source of protein in a dry food.

Choose nutritious carbohydrates from whole grains or vegetables. Most dog foods also contain some carbohydrate source. Carbohydrates are necessary for making dry dog food. Corn, wheat and soy have been identified as ingredients that may provoke allergic reactions in dogs. However, veterinary nutritionists estimate that only about one in twenty itchy dogs is actually allergic to any of the ingredients found in high-quality, natural dog foods. If a dog isn’t allergic, then corn, wheat or soy are unlikely to present problems. Barley, rice, oats and potatoes are other excellent carbohydrate sources.

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