Mud Bay Jerky for Dogs

Our Partner, Big Creek Foods

Founded in 2013 by brothers Jeff and Tommy Gay.  Jeff and Tommy grew up learning about the food industry from their family's catfish business. Their expertise in the human food world drew us to partner with them on Mud Bay’s first line of jerky dog treats.

Big Creek Foods is owned and operated by their family and a team of highly skilled operators who run the plant and formulate the treats. Their company is filled with people who enjoy the fast pace of their work, and accompanying that, is a laughter that ensues. When we first met with Tommy and his team we spent an equal amount of time laughing as we did speaking… and that has been true for every conversation since. 

There’s certainly something to their southern charm. They are genuine, proud of what they do and in touch as a company with creating a work culture that allows for diversity, creativity and openness. They care for their staff and that is obvious from the time each person we met with took to describe their role and how they make a meaningful contribution.

All ingredients are from the US and Big Creek Foods slowly smokes jerky treats in their smokehouse with beech wood for 8 hours resulting in a tender, flavorful jerky.

Big Creek Foods manufactures their treats in a SQF Level 2, GFSI certified facility, produced under strict FDA human food safety guidelines. All batches are tested for pathogens and held until tests are back. They audit their suppliers to ensure that the ingredients are high quality and produced or processed and delivered to them in a food safe manner.

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