Tons of Love Sponsor: Fromm Family Pet Food®

Fromm logo 11.21.17

Based in Wisconsin, Fromm Family Foods is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated company that pioneered kibble manufacturing. When Mud Bay visited the Fromm production facility, we saw firsthand Fromm’s commitment to producing premium kibble. Every day fresh meat is delivered, and then ground and used to create only the food made that day. Fromm also sources a majority of its ingredients from the upper Midwest, and every food includes Wisconsin cheese as an homage to its home state.

During our visit, we were also impressed by the Nieman family’s dedication to their family business. President Tom Nieman is part of the fourth-generation guiding the Fromm Family brand, and his sons, Dan and Bryan, also work at the company. Their hands-on management helps ensure the continued integrity of the Fromm Family Foods company.

Thank you, Nieman Family—Tom, Dan and Bryan—as well as the entire Fromm team for your generosity. We appreciate your sponsorship of our 2017 Tons of Love campaign.