Tons of Love Sponsor: Open Farm™

Open Farm logo 11.21.17

When we met Jacqueline and Derek—two co-founders of Open Farm—we were impressed by their devotion to making dog and cat food from 100-percent humanely and sustainably raised meat. During Mud Bay’s visit to their headquarters in Brainerd, Minnesota, we learned how Open Farm partners with several food providers to ensure it can source meat and other ingredients that meet company standards.

Devoted to transparency throughout the food manufacturing process, people who buy Open Farm can visit the company website, enter a unique tracking number found on every item, and see precisely where the ingredients from that bag were sourced and what safety tests were run.

Although Open Farm has only been partnered with Mud Bay for a few months, the company was eager to participate in this year’s holiday Tons of Love campaign to support animals in need. Thank you, Jacqueline, Derek and the rest of the Open Farm team for your generous donation this holiday season.