Tons of Love Sponsor: The Honest Kitchen®

the honest kitchen logo 11.21.17

What happens when a British nutritional whiz kid and her auto racing and car designing husband decide to improve the eating habits of dogs and cats? They form The Honest Kitchen food company, of course!

We became friends with Lucy and Charlie Postins many years ago and were charmed by their unique approach to supporting dog and cat health: whole foods, minimally processing and highly bioavailable nutrition. They asked their first paid employee to source only the best ingredients and, after thirteen years with the company, Laurette Sipe continues to uphold this edict and even advises farmers on better growing techniques. Last year, Lucy published a book called Dog Obsessed: The Honest Kitchen's Complete Guide to a Happier, Healthier Life for the Pup You Love

Thank you so much, Lucy and Charlie, for your support of our shelter partners and multiple years of sponsoring Tons of Love at Mud Bay.