Tons of Love Sponsor: Vital Essentials®

vital essentials logo 11.21.17

Last year—thanks to good folks in Green Bay, Wisconsin—five Muddies were in a race to see who could roll up the most salmon skins in five minutes. What were we up to? Visiting the people at Vital Essentials who invited us to see their plant and to make food and treats with them for a day.

The owner of Vital Essentials, Larry Viegut, is a food expert who got his start in the meat industry. Drawing on his knowledge of human food practices, he wanted to use his expertise in ethical and humane sourcing, as well his food safety acumen to create foods that follow the ALPHA-Prey model. Viegut works with Dr. Richard Patton (our favorite self-dubbed 'cowboy scientist') to bring palatable and biologically-appropriate foods to market. And their freeze-dried minnow treats are tons of fun, especially for cats.

It is with deep gratitude that we thank Larry and the rest of the people at Vital Essentials for their sponsorship of 2017's Tons of Love.